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End of Socialblock

After months of inactivity, it was finally made to shut it down. I didn't see the site going anywhere in the future. So on March 11, 2012 I shut Socialblock down. Two months later I reopened it for a short bit to test some things out, but still didn't get any activity. So it was offcially shut down.
So there won't be any future work done on Socialblock for now on.


- Complete redesign
- New homepage layout
- Changes for future updates
- Sidebar removed on certain pages


- New slick template

- Members box hover removed

- Coding bugs removed 


- Login Page 

- Members box hover added

- Logo/Header changed 


- The Videos app gets put back on to SocialBlock.

- Members will be able to add thousands of videos to the Videos app.

- Custom Template Added

- Members will be able to add their own profile background and music. 

- A bit more profile css coding added  

- Better and readable sidebar members area design 

- SocialBlock trailer

- A better and easier sign in interference 

- More nice looking alert boxes (Like when you change your profile)

-  Add the jQuery Picture Slider back on home page 

Beta 1.9.3

- The Videos app (In beta) has been released to public for everyone to upload videos

- Videos App (In Beta) moved to be SocialBlock's homepage (for a limited time only) 

Beta 1.9.2

- Home page has become smaller, no more flash slider

- Website title have changed in font and has been moved

- Some apps on the sidebar on the home page has been removed for space 

Beta 1.9

- Custom Template removed due to big bugs

- Old simple template added back to SocialBlock

- New FAQs added

- New Contact Me questions added

- Moderators available to members  

- A lot of Sidebar apps removed for space


Beta 1.8

- Post it app bug fixes

- Custom Template modified  

Beta 1.7.1 - 1.7.5 - 1.7.9

- Socialblock 2.0 went into development 

- Little css codes removed

- Tons of css and html codes added for better and easier use of all SocialBlock apps 

- Custom Template added

- SocialBlock became partners with "Pie-inc" and " Earedspider"

- SocialBlock Partners added to the SocialBlock Sidebar

- Copyright added officially to SocialBlock  


Beta 1.7

- "iLike" (Testimonials) app added

- Personal Profile looks changed

- Support added

- FAQ app added

- Contact Me app added  

Beta 1.6.1

- Minor bug fixes

Beta 1.6

- Template fixed

- Sidebar "Update Status" added 

Beta 1.5

- A new, bigger, and better Games app added (Powered by Heyzap)

- Major app bug fixes 

- New, easier, and better simple template added to SocialBlock

- "Swag" shop added

- Post it app setting changed

- Terms of Service added 


Beta 1.4

- Minor bug fixes 

- Post it app bug fixes

- Minor app fixes for 1.5 update 

Beta 1.3

- T.V app removed

- Post it app added (Post it is the most used app up to date!) 

- New template added to site 

Beta 1.2

- T.V. replaced videos app (T.V. played famous TV shows)

Beta 1.1

- Games removed due to bugs

- Minor bug fixes 

Beta 1.0

(When SocialBlock was officially released)

- Home page, members, games, photos, and videos app were released

- Members had full access to SocialBlock   

Before Beta

Before Socialblock was created, an earlier site was up months before Socialblock. It was called "Social-book" or It was only opened for a month.  It had the same concept but I come to think that the domain was lame. So I made a new new one Called "Socialblock" Which was opened on January 25, 2011.