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  1. How can i change my profile setting?

    Make sure you are logged in (If not, do so).

    Then, locate "Members Area" on the sidebar. Then click on "Edit Profile"

    And from there you can change your profile!

  2. When i try to sign up, it says i already have an account. How?!

    This means you have already signed up on another "Webs" website.

    So, just click on sign in, use the same email and password that you used on that another website.

    Click sign in and push "Join the Site."

  3. I can't access anything? Why??!!

    It's because we turned you to a "Limited Member." Which means you can only access to a limit of things. You might get this because of someone reporting you for breaking any of the rules. This will stay like this for only a limited time. This is like a warning to you..

  4. How do i add my Profile Background?

    Pick a background that fits you (Or make a one yourself), select the entire code in the box below it and copy it (Right click on the text and select "Copy") Then go to Edit Profile and find the "About me" box. Click on the <> button and paste your code into the box. (Right click and select "Paste")

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  1. I can't access my account! I think it got hacked.

    The best way to get your account back it to recover your password and reset it.

    Click here to recover your account.

    (Note: You should always have your SocialBlock password and your email account password different. To keep it safe.)

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  1. Spamming, Hacking, Other

    Seeing a person on SocialBlock breaking rules? Please tell us! We want to keep SocialBlock a clean environment for everyone.

    To report do the following:

    Locate the "Contact Us" button on the bottom right. Click it and fill in your name (or in the "Name" box, you can also put your username) and email. Then click on "Why are you contacting us" and click "Report" In the message box, please explain in the most details you can, explaining what was happening. When you are done, in the "SocialBlock Username" put in the criminal username on SocialBlock (So we know who it is whos doing this.)

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  1. I signed up to be a moderator, and i haven't became one yet. Why?

    This depends if your account has been reported for scamming, hacking, or breaking any other rule. This can make you lose privilege of being a moderator.

    If not, you just have to be patient, this will take a while for us to take a look at your form.


  2. If someone posts something offensive on the "Post It" Page. Should i delete it?

    Please do! Remember, we want SocialBlock to be a clean, safe, and fun

    environment for everyone.

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  1. Since the last update SocialBlock had, I have been seeing bugs.


    After updates, it is possible for bugs to pop up. We are aware of this, so please wait patiently while we fix it.

  2. Why does SocialBlock have so many updates?


    SocialBlock is kinda new, so there's still bugs to fix and things to add!

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  1. SocialBlock.... Who are you!!!!?

    Well, We are a social networking site if that answers your question.

    And if it didn't..... I'm sorry.

  2. Socialblock, y u no give star?


    1.) Because we don't want to.

    2.) We keep the star to ourselves.

    3.) Only if you work for us you get star!

    4.) You can't work for us because we don't have job applications....

    That's why we no g1ve you star

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